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You may remain in the queue indefinitely, and cancel at any time before work on your commission begins. You will be notified once you reach the top place in the queue for your commission type, and you'll have 1 weeks to respond before being automatically removed.

Once work begins on your commission, you can check the progress by coming back to this page. If you would like to stop partway through, you can either cancel the commission entirely, or receive the partially completed section for the appropriate price.


  1. celest
  2. Cloudy Retro
  3. Sing for Theology

Voicebank Demo Song

  1. Kaela Sweeney
  2. Heather


  1. Spiswell
  2. 41 / 41 (100.00%) of Extras
    883 / 1902 (46.42%) of F3
    0 / 1902 (00.00%) of C4
    0 / 1902 (00.00%) of E4
    0 / 1902 (00.00%) of A4
    0 / 1902 (00.00%) of C5
  3. Icy-Q
  4. Seiro
  5. Valor
  6. Toby
  7. Heather
  8. Vocana
  9. MuteB
  10. Melomad
  11. Lulu


  1. 1002
  2. Daniil
  3. UG
  4. Armani Williams
  5. kaimiz - Alum Alpha
  6. kaimiz - Ximi Kyou
  7. Brandon
  8. Heather


Currently queued requests will be completed, but no new requests will be accepted. Requests are queued indefinitely, and will only be delivered as time permits. Your patience is much appreciated, but please consider a commission instead if your projects are time-sensitive.


  1. OREMO guide


Favors are tasks that I have decided to offer to my close friends, using their specifications as if it were a commission. You cannot request favors. This list is made public to inform people of what other projects I am busy with.


  1. Emily - GackTeru reverse isekai song
  2. Ace - Soy sauce fansong