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New orders are always accepted at any time. Some queues may be paused while focusing on other priorities, but all confirmed orders are guaranteed to be reached.

You may remain in the queue indefinitely, and cancel at any time before you are reached. Once you reach the #1 position, you will have one week to respond before being automatically removed. Updates on the status of commissions and the queue will be posted on Twitter, or optionally sent directly.

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Once work begins on your commission, you can check the progress by coming back to this page. If you would like to stop partway through, you can either cancel the commission entirely, or receive partially completed work for the appropriate price.

Music [PAUSED]

  1. Fennirs
  2. Li Niko Arceo


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  1. Samuel/Steve
  2. 1092 / 1092 lines (100%) of C3
    1092 / 1092 lines (100%) of C4
    1092 / 1092 lines (100%) of C4P
    319 / 1092 lines (29%) of G3
    19 / 19 lines (100%) of Extra
  3. Mac - Absidee


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(empty queue, accepting orders!)